Tenancy Reimagined

Offices are here to stay but how will they evolve to make sure the needs of the workforce are at the top of the agenda for both employers and those who create real estate.

Could memberships be the future of office leasing?

Evolving trends in occupancy and technology are changing the way commercial real estate is leased and occupied.

Questions that commercial real estate leaders should be asking


Why do owners and occupiers find the traditional office leasing model increasingly out of sync with their needs? 


How will commercial real estate leaders deal with the transformation of work – and employees who want a productivity-oriented experience with wellness and lifestyle benefits? 

Square feet / area

Is the tenant-owner relationship defined by rent per square meter fast outliving its usefulness?


Will the technologies that enable shared and flexible offices facilitate new ways to manage and charge for space?

The transition to a membership model

The way forward may well be a membership ecosystem, which can break down the rigid siloes between working, dining and relaxing, to create a feature-rich workplace experience. A monthly fee is charged for each employee, based on the workplace experience delivered.

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