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We SEE A BRIGHTER WAY to shape the future of real estate.

When we look to shape the future of real estate we SEE A BRIGHTER WAY forward for our clients, our people, our planet and our communities. By combining innovative technology with world-renown expertise, we’re unveiling opportunities that create a brighter future for all.

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The built environment is responsible for about 40% of annual carbon emissions. Whether you’re a building owner or occupier, partner with us to drive your business and sustainability performance with our suite of solutions and our team of experts.


Commercial real estate leaders are facing complex and fluid challenges. We develop and implement smarter technologies, underpinned by data analytics, to guide you through uncertainty and shape the limitless possibilities ahead.


The investment landscape is changing with a myriad of new opportunities in Asia Pacific. Our approaches and solutions are evolving to keep up. ​ We help to drive returns, reduce risk, reposition and diversify your portfolio for growth. ​


Employees now drive workplace changes from the bottom up. Our consultants ensure the best and healthy environments to keep your people happy.​ ​ We help clients find, plan, design and manage workplaces that allow ideas to thrive and the business to grow.​


Asia Pacific accounts for the greatest growth in e-commerce globally, with consumers expecting more than ever before. ​ We help navigate these complexities through tech, strategic location sourcing, space repurposing, sustainable last mile strategies and supply chain resilience.

Data Centres (DC)

Exponential growth of digitisation is powering demand.​ ​We help our clients plan and implement future strategies for data centres to get ahead in Asia Pacific’s booming digital economy.​

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