Top 10 CRE Trends 2023

Thriving through uncertainty

January 26, 2023
  • Richa Walia
  • Marie Puybaraud
  • Hannah Dwyer
  • James Taylor
  • Amber Schiada
What are the top 10 global CRE trends for 2023?
Responding to changing business priorities

The global economic outlook is challenging, and organizations face a confluence of headwinds that are impacting growth, costs, supply chains, and the ability to plan. Businesses should consider reviewing their CRE strategy in light of the current operating environment.

In the 8th edition of the report, we identify the 10 key global CRE market trends and turning points to watch in 2023. We explore how firms can reinvent their corporate real estate strategies in response to ever-changing business priorities, a challenging operating landscape and a volatile economic environment.

Business success lies in staying ahead of the curve through thoughtful real estate management.

Corporates will need to revisit their CRE strategies and invest in solutions that enable continuous adaptation to rapidly changing market dynamics. A careful balancing of effective cost management whilst not compromising on quality and workplace transformation will be crucial.

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