The Future Fit: how corporate real estate enhances business performance

April 24, 2019

In 2017, JLL introduced a framework on CRE strategy with five dimensions that are vital in managing the fast-changing world of workplace effectively, which is called ‘Future of Work’ - It remains one of the hottest topics in the world today.

For in-depth exploration, JLL captures dynamic changes in CRE trends within the context of these five dimensions, and explores the approaches of Future Fit CRE strategies to enhance business performance, through the ‘Future of Work’ survey sent to corporates worldwide.

Key takeaways:

Enrich the Future of Work model

Using the Future of Work model, we are able to identify the dynamic trends of corporate real estate functions and strategies from five dimensions.

Reveal the characteristics and performance of ‘Future Fit’ enterprises

Our ‘Future of Work’ survey revealed that highly profitable companies tend to show similar characteristics associated with high-performing CRE functions.

Analyze the situation and trend of CRE functions in China

Our insightful ‘Future of Work’ model has identified four important positions in Chinese CRE plans and practices in terms of leadership support and the model’s five dimensions: integration, flexibility, digital and innovation.

Compare the differences of CRE strategies and priorities between China and the rest of the world

Through the model, we found that China’s data-driven performance, technology adoption, human experience focus and CRE metrics are all distinct from global trends.


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