Beyond Recovery: Innovation Targeted in Rise from Pandemic

Beijing Commercial Real Estate Market: 2021 Overview & 2022 Outlook

January 05, 2022

The key word of 2020 was “pandemic,” while the main tone for 2021 was “recovery.” We believe that strong efforts in the year 2022 will be most focused around the theme of “innovation.”

China’s economy steadily recovered in 2021. Meanwhile, Beijing continued to foster new industries and sources of demand to build a more resilient economy. Forging into 2022, high-technology and innovation momentum will be prioritised as the city explores existing opportunities and breaks new ground amid crises and changes.

JLL’s Beyond Recovery: Innovation Targeted in Rise from Pandemic shares insights on ten key topics covering Beijing’s commercial real estate market.

The report focuses on the below topics:

  • How significant is the Beijing Stock Exchange – China’s answer to New York’s Nasdaq – to SMEs and the city’s commercial real estate market?
  • How has the Double Reduction policy – and the subsequent drop in space occupied by the education sector – impacted the office market?
  • How has the new China (Beijing) Free Trade Zone stimulated economic activity?
  • How has Beijing’s commercial real estate market fared with recovery from Covid-19 in 2021?
  • As another supply wave in the Beijing office market comes to an end, when can we expect to enter a landlord’s market?
  • The Three Red Lines policy supports the survival of the fittest in the real estate market, but what does this mean for Beijing’s residential sector?
  • How did Beijing’s commercial real estate investment market perform as recovery from the pandemic got underway in 2021?
  • With limited new future supply, how will urban renewal projects around the city provide growth opportunities for the Beijing retail market?
  • How will Beijing work towards developing as an ‘International Consumption Center City’? 
  • How are fast-expanding Chinese companies revealing shortcomings in existing CRE management strategies and practices?

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