WEBINAR—COVID-19: Remote work and workplace preparedness

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Most organizations have business continuity plans in place for responding to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, arson and terrorism. However, COVID-19 presents unique challenges, and many organizations are enacting or accelerating remote working programs to provide social isolation and limit exposure of human-to-human transmission of the infection. 

Hear JLL consultants discuss the impacts that COVID-19 can have on organizations and their employees, and how to accelerate the development of remote work programs to enable continued workplace performance. 

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JLL and our staff are not authorized or qualified to guide or influence you in the preparation of your own business continuity or preparations plans from a health and public policy perspective. While we are making efforts to ensure we are providing an up-to-date list of publicly available resources, all details on COVID-19, as well as health and public policy implications, should be addressed with the advice of an independent specialist.