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A glorious chapter of 30 years | JLL collaborates with Shui On to propel city development in China

Building visions together
JLL X Shui On Xintiandi client story


Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing

  • 27 years of Collaboration
  • Providing one-stop services of office leasing, retail leasing, strategic consulting, property management, and more.
  • Co-founded UrbanLab 3.0
  • Co-founded China’s first Low-Carbon Workspace Alliance

Recently, we collaborated with Shui On Xintiandi, a leading investor and manager of premium, sustainable commercial property in China, on a micro-documentary to showcase our shared ambition and aligned development philosophies over the years. In addition, the documentary also looks back at how Shui On and JLL have collaborated over three decades of rapid economic development in China. Together, we have strived to propel China’s city development, spearheaded the transformation of office environments, and fueled evolution of prop-tech.

The onset of prosperity

Since the development and opening of Pudong in 1990, many high-quality, international office buildings have entered the Shanghai market. This has attracted numerous top 500 MNCs to the city, laying the foundation for Shanghai's diversified and international business atmosphere. Among them, the Shui On Plaza, developed by Shui On Xintiandi and launched in 1997, became the first Grade A office building on the Huaihai Road. Shui On Plaza is also one of the first representative Grade A office buildings in Shanghai. It was also during this period that JLL began its partnership with Shui On by providing office leasing service for Shui On Plaza and assisting a number of well-known domestic companies and foreign MNCs to locate their office in the building.

Shui On Plaza (Shanghai)

“A cross-generational commercial real estate project like Shui On Plaza, where we have brought in leading foreign tenants from various industries, not only showcases the high-quality office buildings developed by Chinese companies, but also marks the beginning of Shanghai and even China’s commercial office market integrating with the global market,” - Bessie Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China, JLL.

Growth like a prairie fire

From the late 1990s into the 21st century, the commercial real estate market witnessed rapid evolution and a series of office building product upgrades driven by continuous economic expansion. During this period, Shui On, with a forward-looking vision, developed several groundbreaking projects, such as Shanghai Xintiandi, Ruihong Tiandi and Shanghai Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). These projects not only promoted urban renewal and community building, but also provided sustainable solutions for city development. In this process, JLL worked closely with Shui On as a committed partner in several projects, contributing to the creation of several urban landmarks.

JLL X Shui On collaborative projects
  • Shui On Plaza (Shanghai), Office Leasing Agency, 1997
  • Xintiandi Plaza (Shanghai), Project Repositioning Consulting & Project Leasing Agency, 2018 – 2022
  • CPIC Xintiandi Commercial Center (Shanghai), Project Positioning Consulting & Project Leasing Agency, 2019
  • Ruihong Tiandi Hall of the Sun (Shanghai), Project Positioning Consulting & Project Leasing Agency, 2019
  • Jointly Creating the Study on Strategic Enhancement of the Great Xintian Area in Shanghai, 2019
  • Ruihong Corporate Avenue (Shanghai), Office Leasing Agency, 2020
  • Functional Planning Study of the Plot East of Tibet South Road in Shanghai Xintiandi, 2020
  • Wuhan 1 Corporate Avenue (Wuhan), Office Leasing Agency, 2021
  • Nanjing International Finance Center (Nanjing), Office Leasing Agency, 2021-Present
  • Jointly Creating the Study on the Reconstruction Practice of Urban Villages - Panlong Tiandi, 2022
  • Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi B1-7 plot (saleable property) development strategy consulting (Wuhan)
  • CPIC Xintiandi Commercial Center, Office Leasing Agency and Property Management, 2024

CPIC Xintiandi Commercial Center

“For a very long time, Shui On has been dedicated to integrating the concept of sustainable development into the project development process. This commitment is evident in two key aspects. The first is a long-term perspective which sustains our strategic strength, and the second is our strategic focus on developing large-scale integrated community projects, refining our core competencies, and extending our expertise for raising cities to the highest development level.”

Allan B. Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, Shui On Xintiandi Limited

“During our nearly 30 years of collaboration, we have played a significant role in shaping Shanghai's commercial office market. From core CBDs to emerging business districts and urban regeneration, our partnership with Shui On has been indispensable in defining and energizing Shanghai's commercial real estate landscape, propelling the industry towards cutting-edge development. This success is rooted in our shared values and seamless cooperation." - Anny Zhang, Senior Managing Director, China Leasing Business; Managing Director, East China, JLL

Starting a new journey

In addition to their successful business collaboration, JLL and Shui On share a deep commitment towards developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the commercial real estate sector. Based on similar values, the two companies established China’s first alliance focusing on sustainable offices — Low-Carbon Workspace Alliance. This Alliance is dedicated to creating green and low-carbon office environments through corporate influence and business practices, promoting sustainable development of the second space, and offering a blueprint for other enterprises. Furthermore, JLL, together with Shui On and other ecological partners, established UrbanLab 3.0, the industry's very first enterprise alliance focusing on technology and innovation of real estate in China. This year, UrbanLab is focusing on sustainable architecture, spaces, and human resources, aiming to build a sustainable real estate technology ecosystem for a carbon-neutral city.

“JLL’s philosophy is to make ‘workspace more than just an office’, and Shui On Work’s core value is extending from Space to Service and then to Sustainability. Throughout our collaboration, we have witnessed JLL’s professionalism and dedication to innovation in the office and commercial real estate sectors. Moving forward, we are committed to deepening our partnership to drive innovative development in the commercial office industry through various channels.” - Betty H. Wang, Deputy Director of Commercial Management and Office Business, Shui On Xintiandi; General Manager of KIC & INNO KIC

JLL is currently providing office leasing and property management services for CPIC Xintiandi Commercial Center, which is the largest integrated project in Xintiandi to date. “We will spare no effort in providing high-standard innovative real estate solutions and attracting high-quality tenants for this project. We look forward to working with Shui On to create a new world-class commercial landmark and promote the transformation and upgrading of the Xintiandi business district, the 'heart of the city'”. - Anny Zhang, Senior Managing Director, China Leasing Business; Managing Director, East China, JLL

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