Client story

Working Together to Achieve a 90% Occupancy Rate for Central One

It is the only commercial mixed-use development on a metro line in the region. Central One officially opened to the public in August 2017.

Central One is a large-scale shopping centre developed, operated, and managed by the Junwei Group. It is located in the core area of the new central axis of Guangzhou’s Huadu District. It is the only commercial mixed-use development on a metro line in the region. Central One officially opened to the public in August 2017.

With the rapid development of the regional economy, as one of the emerging sub-core business districts in Guangzhou, Huadu District faced the challenge of upgrading regional consumption patterns while also meeting environmental requirements. Junwei Group was looking for a professional investment team to turn Central One into the commercial flagship of Huadu District, introduce famous market-leading domestic and foreign brands to the project, and cater for the trends associated with upgraded urban consumption. Junwei Group also hoped to bring an international-level property management model to Central One, providing consumers outside of downtown Guangzhou with a high-end experience.

Based on its wealth of experience in providing high-quality professional services for high-end retail properties in the downtown area of Guangzhou such as China Plaza, Rock Square, and ICON, in late 2015 JLL was appointed by the Junwei Group as the sole agency dealing with investment, operations management, and property management for Central One.

With its professional investment positioning and precise investment strategies, JLL's South China Retail team helped Central One to achieve an occupancy rate of over 90% and an openning rate of over 80%. Furthermore, on the opening day, it attracted 100,000 visitors, and these dazzling achievements have made Central One a new landmark in the Huadu area. Among all the well-known brands from both China and overseas, 50% of those which have chosen to make Central One their home are new to Huadu district, including tenants such as AEON GMS Store, UNDO LandToy, Toys R Us, My Gym, UR, 68, Peninsula Kitchen, Xinghuili Fitness and Beauty Club. In terms of its business portfolio, JLL has helped Central One to integrate offerings such as a high-end lifestyle supermarket, an IMAX cinema, international fast fashion, specialty foods, a children's world, digital technology, beauty, and fitness, to meet expected demand centred around consumer groups with strong spending power from the millenial generation. By focusing on family-centered interaction and consumption based around traditional socializing and sharing, the space successfully satisfies consumer demand for new experiences and a better quality of life.

JLL’s South China Property & Asset Management team also provided services in areas of operations management and property management for Central One, which helped the project to achieve its grand opening on time. JLL tailored a systematic property management plan based on the architectural characteristics and promotional strategy of Central One, providing professional international property management services centered around smart management and asset management concepts. More than a year before the project opened for business, the JLL Property Management team successfully assisted Central One to improve the project design from a tenant perspective, and was also responsible for investment management during the start-up phase of project leasing. JLL provided solutions to all issues which arose before project opening, allowing the owner to establish a complete property management system. The JLL team also provided comprehensive guidance for frontline staff at the project to ensure its smooth opening. After the opening of Central One, JLL continued to assist in the operations and management of the project, providing professional training and management consulting services in the area of international property management.

The inter-departmental service strategy of JLL's Retail and Property & Asset Management departments was one of the key factors which allowed Central One to celebrate a successful grand opening. The two teams worked together for two years in assisting Junwei Group to creating this outstanding project. In the future, JLL will continue to provide quality services to help Central One become the third shopping-based lifestyle centre in the Huadu District, and leading the way as a comfortable setting in which people wish to spend time and money.