Yvonne Chi

"Become an expert in office building operations."

Yvonne is a girl with varied hobbies. Last year, she obtained FADI diving certificate during her vacation in Southeast Asia. This year, her goal is to further build her diving skills and make a 30-meter deep water. As JLL encourages employees to read, travel and explore multifaceted lives, Yvonne is able to pursue her hobbies despite a busy job.

Through a campus recruitment initiative, Yvonne joined our Qingdao office as a consultant in 2013. At the end of the same year, she earned a promotion. Remarkably, this year, she achieved a cross-level promotion. "JLL has a rigorous rank assessment and promotion evaluation system, which can make employees clearly see a vision for the future, yet still encourage them to be earnest and down-to-earth in their work," Yvonne said.

Yvonne always feels that JLL gives top priority to talent and sees people as the most valuable resources. She also appreciates how JLL offers a variety of training and exchange opportunities. In 2016, she participated in the JLL Explorer program, where she went to the Chengdu office for two weeks’ learning.

"In the twenties, I am the better version of myself," said Yvonne. She also feels rewarded when she looks at her achievements at JLL in the past few years. In the future, she aims to develop best practices on office building business and help customers achieve asset appreciation.