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Valuation Advisory

Welcome to JLL China and over 25 years of appraisal and advisory experience at your side.


  • Business valuation, tangible asset valuation, and advisory services.
  • 25+ years of operating experience 230+ team from varied professional backgrounds
  • The only international valuer with the highest qualifications achievable in the People's Republic of China (PRC) today.
  • Assets we value: businesses, real estate, financial asset, intangible asset, natural resources, plant and machinery.
  • Internationally well positioned yet locally appropriate (our core markets are mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore).
  • We work across all industries mostly with publicly listed entities. 

We are a professional services firm focused on capital markets and financial reporting settings. We work with other professional parties—audit firms, legal firms, banks, institutional investors and regulatory bodies, among others—to give our clients full balance sheet valuation opinions and advisory services.

Our core markets are mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, but our work regularly takes us across Asia Pacific and, increasingly, around the globe. Through a strategic collaboration, we are the only international valuer with the highest PRC qualifications today. When we do valuations outside of our core markets, we do it either by ourselves, with the whole company's support, or in collaboration with a third-party network of valuation service providers. 

Should you have a general inquiry, contact us via the details at the left of this page. If your valuation needs are domestically oriented, here are our practice areas. What about valuations with overseas component, you say? Go through here. We also look forward to hearing about any other advisory services you need.

Case Studies

Real Estate Icon 1.png

Vanke wished to transfer its share listing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong for strategic purposes. We helped Vanke meet Hong Kong Exchange's listing rules by conducting the required valuations on the company's properties. Vanke's extensive property portfolio covered 195 developments across 51 cities in China and had a total value of over US$43 billion.


Digital Devices Icon.png

Philips decided to put its global TV manufacturing operations into TP Vision—a joint venture, initially majority-owned, but eventually became fully owned by Hong Kong-listed company TPV Technology. We helped determine the fair value of the acquired assets (trademarks, R&D projects, financial instruments, plant and machinery and the inventory of the joint venture company) and came up with the report needed to consolidate the parent and the subsidiaries' financial statements. We successfully concluded the valuations despite the elements being in different jurisdictions, and determined the total value of assets at over US$1.3billion.

Shopping bag Icon.png

Alibaba appointed us the property valuer for the financial reporting needs surrounding a sample of the company’s property within China. Alibaba needed a well-coordinated valuer with presence and scale across the region, as well as a hybrid accounting/real estate expertise as the company considers its property portfolio’s worth.



 “JLL, a competent evaluator under Chapter 18 of the Listing Rules, not only evaluated the Mineral Assets, but also issued reports on the acquired properties and the overall assets. We are deeply impressed with the valuation and their technical competency in the mining industry.”

--- China Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining


“We really appreciate your high quality of work and experience in our IPO and restructuring process. Our long-term relationship is built on trust and your professionalism.”

--- ICBC