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Appraisal and Advisory

We bring our clients a complete suite of solutions, covering the entire lifecycle of investment process, from project screening to exit of investment.

​​​​​​​​​​​Our Corporate Advisory Services are meant to provide one-stop solutions for our investor clients as our capabilities cover the entire lifecycle of an investment process. We bring forth the full depth and breadth of our intellectual resources and industry expertise acquired through years of working closely with our clients. Our services encompass areas such as natural resources, biological assets, real estate etc. We work closely with industrial and agricultural experts, geologists and architects to bring a one-stop integrated solution to our clients’ multifaceted business needs.

Our partnership can start helping you in the screening of investment projects. Once you narrow down your options, we roll up our sleeves and help you conduct due diligence of the projects. To assist you taking the project to the next stage, we, along with our professional partners, can then conduct feasibility studies on the various aspects of the project, covering diverse areas such as the technical, financial and marketing areas. When you decide to go ahead with the investment, we can provide transaction advisory service to help you with the execution. As the project grows, it may need additional financing—our team aims at servicing your fund raising needs. When it is time for you to reap the rewards of your investment through an exit, we are there to provide support to your exit strategy, whether it is through a public offering or sale.

Our technical review/consultancy services include the technical review for factories/production lines, rental rate studies, plant operating review, remaining life studies and normal commercial term studies. This service is essential for companies who wish to evaluate or justify their core investment as well as to improve their future financial planning. For investors who may not be familiar with a particular industry, or overseas investors without local representation, we can undertake a review of manufacturing facilities to determine operating efficiency and capability against established industry norms or client-specific criteria. This can also extend to locating and ranking potential joint venture partners where manufacturing capability is a major factor to be considered.

Our services cover the following stages:

  • Project screening
  • Due diligence (Technical/ Operational / Commercial)
  • Feasibility study
  • Transaction advisory
  • Debt financing
  • Exit Strategy