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Appraisal and Advisory

Corporate Appraisal and Advisory Services help you meet your capital raising and financial reporting needs, and ensure that your asset’s value is optimally revealed and enhanced.

​​​​​​Originally established in Hong Kong in 1988, JLL Corporate Appraisal and Advisory provides the most standout professional valuation consultancy in the Asia Pacific region. In the IPO valuation market in Hong Kong, we command the largest market share of total fund raised by companies who have engaged valuers for listing purposes for the past 10 years.

JLL was the first firm of chartered surveyors and external valuers to be granted permission by the PRC government to set up an office in Beijing following its appointment as valuer of the first PRC Company to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Tsingtao Brewery. JLL now is an international firm with a full set of PRC valuation capabilities, including highlights such as the Grade A Qualification in Real Estate Valuation by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Grade A Qualification in land valuation by the Ministry of Land and Resource and the Securities and Futures Valuation Qualification by the Ministry of Finance and China Securities Regulatory Commission among others.

We provide a market focused valuation advisory service covering all sectors and regions across the Asia Pacific region. We are committed to providing solutions to companies who constantly strive for international growth and global recognition. Our extensive international network of business partners and associates allows us to offer you seamless integrated services within the valuation and advisory arena. 

A market focused valuation advisory service includes:


Capital Market is one of the major platforms that companies use to raise funds. The independent valuation of assets is a vital element for many stock exchanges across different jurisdictions, with several making it mandatory. Our IPO practices provide valuation, due diligence, advice, and verification of relevant interests in terms of real estate, plant & machinery, business, mining, and rents.

Financial reporting​

We provide one-stop valuation services for all assets and liabilities for financial accounting purpose to enhance a financial statement’s quality, transparency and relevance.


​We undertake valuations of property as well as plant and machinery for mortgage and loan security purposes. Our service aims to ensure that clients are fully informed as to the current position and future prospects of the security property.

Merger and acquisition

No matter the size or complexity of your deal, we assist you to achieve the best value with creative, practical and value-added solutions.


Our Advisory Services complement our Corporate Appraisal Services to bring our clients a complete suite of solutions for their needs, covering the entire lifecycle of investment process, from project screening to exit of investment.

Our Corporate Appraisal Services encompass Real Estate Valuation/Due Diligence, Business Valuation, Mining Valuation, Biological Asset Valuation, Financial Assets Valuation, Debt Financing Valuation, etc.

We work closely with industrial and agricultural experts, geologists and architects to bring one-stop integrated solutions to our clients, such as Banks, Governments, Multinational Corporations, PRC State-owned / Privately-owned Enterprises, Private / Institutional Investors, Professional Services Firms, etc.

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