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We deliver strategic and financial oriented real estate advisory tailored to our client’s circumstances

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our advisory practice grew out of a renowned brand with over 20 years providing real estate focused independent valuation services. As a result, the advisory practice that developed is mostly centred on financial / strategic-oriented assignments across all property sectors. Clients say our signature is our experience with a China link; be that purely China domestically or internationally as a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

​Please read on below for the particular categories of advisory services that may interest you and the specific assignments we have experience in.


As decisions of our clients require increasingly multi-dimensional analysis, we support clients with reports combining multiple areas of traditional specialism.

  • Feasibility Study on overseas project: We provide market analysis, real estate policies and buying regulations, site analysis, highest and best use analysis, financial/feasibility analysis and investment recommendation to local investor/developers for their subject site in the overseas market.
  • Asset Management and Disposal Strategies: We provide value enhancement solutions for underperformed real estate assets.

Asset strategy

We first seek to understand our client’s big picture concerns and then research and evaluate options for the future directions they may take.

  • Project Positioning and Planning: To provide opinions on project positioning and economic returns, we analyse the urban planning, competitive projects, supply and demand, market trend, project types and facilities of the surrounding areas of the projects.
  • Project Site Selection Advisory: We provide opinions on subject sites based on the surrounding market condition and trend.


We provide experience in forecasting, capital budgeting analysis, comparable analysis to support decision-making.

  • ​Land Acquisition Strategies: We provide advice and scenario analysis of value for land acquisition.

Due diligence

We help our clients by performing investigations into projects and companies, sourcing the information necessary to support their transaction decisions.

  • Due Diligence: Our Services include investigating the subject site’s property tenure/ownership, development procedure, construction progress, project status, and market risk, etc.

Market research

We support our clients to understand and report on the broad environment in which their projects are based giving the wider context for better decision making.

  • Market Research: We provide property market analysis service to developers/investors, especially when they explore overseas markets
  • Industry Overview: We provide advisory service for “industry overview” section for listing candidates in Hong Kong. As an independent consultant, we analyse the market condition, competition environment, entry barrier for the industry where the listing candidate within.


Our clients may identify a unique need driven by regulation or wider environmental / political / economic circumstances for which they need the supporting opinion of a third party advisor.

  • Economic Returns and Social Benefits Appraisal: We provide feasibility analysis of economic return and social benefits for the purposes of government application or internal reference.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting: We help Hong Kong listed companies collect and analyse relevant information and KPIs required for annual financial reporting disclosure in compliance with Hong Kong listing rules and guidance of environmental, social and governance reporting.​