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Achieve Your Ambitions at JLL

​​At JLL, we make your ambitions our business. We want your creativity to flourish, and we want to hear your entrepreneurial ideas. We embrace different perspectives and we’re interested in yours.​​​​

​A career at JLL means every day is different. With more than 70,000 employees worldwide, we have a presence in over 1,000 locations in 80 countries. Our expertise in commercial real estate is game-changing, and we continue to be trailblazers in market-leading knowledge, technology and insight. ​

Working at JLL will give you the chance to become a true innovator – not only within your individual career and business, but also as part of a dynamic global employee network – a network where talented people inspire each other and learn from the best.​​

What can we say, we have a talent for talent! ​​​​


在仲量联行工作意味着每天都有新的体验。 我们在全球的80个国家拥有超过7万名员工。我们在商业地产领域的专长始终引领着行业的变革和发展。

在仲量联行工作让你有机会成为真正的创新者 – 不仅仅局限于你个人对职业发展的规划,而是成为我们全球人才网的有机组成 – 在这里,大家相互激励、互相学习。