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Offices 2020 – Re-invent

​As we conclude this future-mapping exercise for offices in Asia Pacific, we recognize that the only constant is change - there is only so much that we can foretell at any point in time. The ability to anticipate and adapt is key to staying ahead of the curve. 

'Re-invent' concludes the future-mapping exercise for offices in Asia Pacific, offering actionable steps to future-proof your corporate real estate strategy. 

Action Plan to 2020 

  • Achieve workplace goals
  • Provide agile workplaces
  • Engineer responsive portfolios
  • Put data in the driving seat
  • Consider a hub-and-spoke strategy
  • Invest in your core spaces
  • Opt for smart buildings
  • Invest in change management
  • Plan for continuity
  • Consider specialty clusters
  • Review your portfolio strategy
  • Optimize your relocations


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