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Xiong'an: A fresh slate for a new city?

​Where is Xiong'an?

Xiong'an area is a new state-level zone administered directly by the central government and will therefore enjoy all of the associated financial benefits, resources, and access to expertise. 

A clean slate

Xiong'an appears to be a "tabula rasa" on which to build a city with the capital's own interests at heart, and with the full authority of the current central government administration. 

A time-tested development playbook

There must be a long-term timeline and a clear master plan, followed by the building of infrastructure, and then the amenities that will enhance the quality of life such as the schools, hospitals and universities that will make the place desirable. After that, office buildings can follow. 

A perfect location for economic stimulus

Xiong'an is not an urbanization experiment, not does it appear to be an obvious testing ground for economic policies. It is more of an economic stimulus tool. The development of Xiong'an will create infrastructure jobs, and later, service-sector jobs. 

Becoming what Beijing doesn't want to be

Xiong'an is the ideal location to relieve some of the pressure on Beijing and sharpen its intended role as the elite decision-making hub of China and the world. 


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