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Offices 2020 – Re-imagine

​20/20 vision means visual clarity – being able to see something perfectly from about 20 feet away.

‘Re-imagine’, the second report in this three-part series, deconstructs the office landscape from the outside-in to identify the impact of regional trends on:

  • The City – staying relevant in the face of limited space by embracing the concept of specialty clusters and ‘cities in the sky’
  • The Building – at the cusp of revolution with the switch to smart buildings and adoption of technologies to create ideal working environments
  • The Office – undergoing an evolution as engaging workplace environments take center stage in the attraction and retention of talent
  • The Worker – introduction to the sharing economy of office space as young talent and rise of ‘liquid’ workforce redefines the way we work

​Work needs to be done today to fully engage with the forces of change in the office landscape. Those that don’t will be left behind. We hope to partner with you to be at the forefront of this wave of transformation across Asia Pacific & the rest of the world.

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