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Offices 2020 – Reflect

​Back in 2014, we began our future-mapping journey to answer the question of: “Where next for Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo?” That was in essence, the spirit of the first edition of Offices 2020.

Three years have passed since. We recognize that we are in age of “accelerating disruptions”, where technologies are advancing so rapidly that the world is transforming at an exponential rate of change. 

2017 – midway through the journey towards 2020 – is a fitting opportunity for us to take a look at what we said in the first edition of Offices 2020, and what has happened since.

‘Reflect’, the first report in a three-part series of Offices 2020, highlights macroeconomic themes and trends across Asia Pacific’s office landscape. Dig deeper into the impact of trends and discover our recommendations to stay ahead of the curve.

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