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‘Financing China’s Real Estate: Pragmatism and Creativity Will Prevail’ Infographics

​Real estate financing in China currently stands at a crossroads. Decades of aggressive expansion have left developers with increasingly leveraged balance sheets, while at the same time China’s major banks have become more conservative in lending to them. Going forward, developers will need to combine traditional approaches of securing financing with more innovative methods that tap the latest trends in structured financing. 

The report infographics summarize:

Financing Options in China

  • Traditional Financing
  • Share Placement
  • Structured Products

Securitization: The Hottest Topic in Town

  • Typical CMBS Structure
  • Benefits for Asset Owners​
  • Challenges Ahead

REITs: The Next Big Thing in China?

  • Typical REITs Structure
  • Benefits​ of REITs Investment
  • Hurdles for REITs in China

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