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China60: From Fast Growth to Smart Growth | JLL China

​In 2006, as part of JLL’s award-winning Cities Research Programme, we launched in-depth research to assess the nature of real estate opportunities beyond China’s Tier 1 cities, to map out China’s emerging business locations and to identify the drivers that are shaping China’s city hierarchy. The results, published in China30 in 2007, China40 in 2009 and China50 in 2012, have tracked the rapid progress of the economies and commercial real estate markets of China’s secondary and tertiary cities.

This latest report – China60 – sets out to describe and assess how China’s new economic, business and policy landscape is impacting on the dynamics of real estate markets across 60 of China’s most important secondary and tertiary cities.​

New cities have been added since our last report in 2012. The 60 cities have been shortlisted from 287 cities on the basis of a multi-factor model covering GDP, population, wealth, investment, retail sales, household savings, education infrastructure, land sales and retailer presence.

Each of the China60 cities is plotted on our City Evolution Curve to provide a comparative framework for property investors, developers, corporate occupiers and local governments to rate these cities from a real estate perspective. The cities are benchmarked against China’s Alpha cities (Shanghai and Beijing) and Tier 1 cities (Guangzhou and Shenzhen).

We assess the potential opportunities in each of the key commercial property sectors – retail, logistics, offices and hotels – and review the evolving dynamics of the China60 real estate investment markets. Finally, we offer our views on the challenges ahead for the China60 cities as they move through the coming decade.

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