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Tianjin Property Insight - November 2014

Speculation surrounding the Tianjin Free Trade Zone
One year after the launch of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ), market watchers raised the question of where the next FTZ would be in mainland China. Recently, people close to the matter confirmed the submission of Tianjin’s FTZ application to the Central Government, creating speculation that Tianjin would have the next FTZ to be approved. As a result, Tianjin has garnered great attention. It is interesting that the market is so excited about the fate of the Tianjin FTZ in the near term, and whether the city will copy the model of the Shanghai FTZ. However, the Shanghai FTZ has had mixed results and is still in the pilot stage. Thus, it is too early to say that copying the Shanghai model will lead to successful outcomes in Tianjin.

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