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Jasmine Ma is an Associate Director and Head of Strategic Consulting of JLL Chongqing Office with responsibility for Chongqing.


Previous experience

Jasmine Ma has 8 years working experience in the real estate industry. From 2008 to 2010, she worked in JLL Chengdu Office and was transferred to Chongqing Office since 2011. She is responsible for positioning of real estate projects, repositioning of urban renewal projects and regional planning. She contributes to property market monitoring, land development strategy, regional planning and real estate development within Chongqing. Specific experience includes:

In the period of working in Chengdu, she participated in preliminary consulting of some landmark projects in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Guiyang covering such sectors as office, retail, service apartment, hotel and Business Park. 

In the period of working in Chongqing, she conducted consulting of many landmark complex projects in core area of Chongqing (Jiefangbei, Chaotianmen, Jiangbeizui, Guanyinqiao, Hualongqiao, Chayuan, Zhaomushan, Airport  New City, etc.).

In the period of working in Chongqing, she established close relationship with Chongqing local governments like Yuzhong, Beibei and Jiangbei, leading government projects such as Chaotianmen Upgrading and Beibei Jialing Pedestrian Street Upgrading. Meanwhile, she also led white paper issuing for Jiefangbei and Jiangbeizui CBD.

Education and affiliations

  • Master Degree in English Cultural,  Sichuan University, Chengdu
  • Bachelor Degree in English Cultural, Xihua University, Chengdu

Key Projects

  • Jiangbeizui Wharf  Commercial Market Study
  • Jiangbeizui Lifan Center
  • Chaotianmen Raffles City Market Study
  • Chaotianmen Everbright  Daronghui
  • Jiefangbei Forte Finance Center
  • Hualongqiao Shui On Complex Project
  • Zhaomushan Hong Kong Land Yorkshire Complex Project
  • Zhaomushan Jinke Center
  • Airport New City Hong Kong Land Park Avenue Complex Project
  • Nan’an Chongqing Transportation Nanping Long-distance Bus Stations Project
  • Chayuan Jinyudacheng Complex Project
  • Ba’nan Kaichuan Global Times Square Project​