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News Release


The latest research of Jones Lang LaSalle ‘Shenyang City Profile’

Analysis of the Driving Factors for the City’s Economic Development and of Its Core Competitiveness

​27th January,2016, Shenyang- Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) releases the latest research report 'Shenyang City Profile', which analyses the important factors for Shenyang's social and economy development in details, summarizes the economic environment and city compesitiveness. Furthermore, it forecasts the development path of Shenyang City in the next few years.


Michael Wang, Managing Director of JLL Shenyang Office, commented: 'Shenyang City used to leave public an impression of traditional industrial city. However, after 20 years' rapid growth, Shenyang put on a new look and steps towards the goal of becoming an international player. As a central city on a national basis, it is stepping up on a new stage supported by 'Northeast Revitalization Project'. With JLL's presence of five years in Shenyang, we have been witnessing the rapid economic development of the city, but also contributing to the historic leap of commercial real estate in Shenyang.'


Shenyang's competitiveness is continually strenghening. Shenyang is going through a transition from traditional industrial and manufacturing focused path to promoting an added-value and high-tech based development plan. For instance, major high-tech companies, such as Xinsun Robots and Neusoft, keeps growing up, which brings the emerging growth points for economy development of Shenyang.' Alex Wang, Senior Manager of Strategic Consulting, JLL Shenyang Office, commented, 'In recent two years, Shenyang is experiencing a painful process of economic restructure. However, the industrial advantage and rich talents reserve are providing sources to future development.'


We provide bilingual versions of Shenyang City Profile in English and Chinese, written and released by JLL. Shenyang City Profile focuses on comparing, summarizing and analysing of key indicators duirng the city development process. Additionally, Shenyang City Profile points out the future trend of city development and predicts markets performance in commercial real estate.


Competitive Positioning

Shenyang is one of Tier 1.5 Transitional cities in China 60 research project by JLL. Shenyang ranks the first among Northeast China cities as well as one of the most influential cities in China.


Urban Planning

The city profile covers the development history and features of core areas in Shenyang. The sections included are industrial area within Tiexi district, national new and high-tech industrial development zone, Golden Corridor, agricultural and food procession centre, along with automobile industrial production base.


Property Market Overview

During the development process, Shenyang's positioning and competitiveness as a core city in Northeast China has been enhanced. Clusters of high-quality projects are emerging and modern shopping malls are rising. Shenyang is a major industrial base and transportation hub in China.Taking advantages of industrial  advancements, supply and demand in industrial and logistics sector has been growing up.

As a gateway to Greater Bohai Bay, and furthermore, the rest of Northeast Asia and China, Shenyang city's influence and radiation capacity will be further enhanced. In the last decade, Shenyang has entered an economy boom as well as a new era for commercial real estate market. With the development of social and development, Shenyang is growing to be a modern and global city.

Although the economic slowdown, the positioning and pillar industrial advantage of Shenyang has been strengthened. The era of "Industry 4.0" is coming, which brings new energy to Shenyang. Shenyang city is exposed to opportunities and challenges. The local governments will thrive to provide profound supports in this process. Shenyang will forge on to help the region begin to narrow the gap between China's wealthy eastern and southern regions.

>>The full report is available to download here: Shenyang City Profile