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The business of Christmas in China

​Well before Santa starts loading his sleigh, retailers all over the world have been furiously preparing for the holiday season. The goods that turn into presents under the tree have been sourced and ordered months in advance and begin pouring into distribution centers and warehouses as early as August.

The factories that make Christmas products and gifts work year-round to build their inventory. Most of the season’s decorations are sourced in a single mid-sized Chinese city, but all those socks, jumpers and plastic toys found in stockings across the world also require factory space and warehousing if they are to be delivered on time; Christmas really is a busy season for the Chinese industrial and logistics property industry.

JLL takes a look at the logistics behind the production and the movement of goods from China to the rest of the world and the impact it has on investment into the country’s industrial real estate sector.

Business of Christmas in China - Sante's workshop & christmas decorations factories

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