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Shanghai, the Future “Super City”?      

JLL brings new insights into city momentum to define the future “Super City”

​JLL recently released a new study on Shanghai, one of the world's fastest developing international cities, which evaluates its future competiveness against other major global cities covering:

  • the global real estate investment context
  • Shanghai's position in key city competitiveness indices
  • the current shape of Shanghai's commercial competiveness
  • and the global trends impacting Shanghai's future competitive position

Shanghai, 24 June 2014   - A recent study on city momentum by Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (NYSE: JLL), released in June, explores the ingredients of city success and reviews Shanghai's competitive profile to determine the city's future global position. The study reveals Shanghai is currently the fourth most dynamic city globally, right after San Francisco, London and Dubai.

Jeremy Kelly, Director, Global Research programmes at JLL, who spearheaded the research, said during his recent visit to Shanghai, "We are at the beginning of a rapidly changing commercial geography of cities – driven by a new era of competiveness. Cities are waking up to the need to be competitive, to be agile and to be innovative.  Shanghai is a great example of a city that is leveraging new economic ideas, building global engagement and adapting to new opportunities."

The study assesses the competitiveness of Shanghai against that of other peer cities across the globe.  Key findings of the study include:

  • JLL has defined the top "Global 300 Cities" in terms of commercial attraction based on a basket of variables, including economic weight, corporate presence, connectivity, inward investment and commercial real estate stock.  In terms of 'Commercial Attraction' Shanghai is positioned 8th in the world.
  • In terms of real estate investment volumes, Shanghai is currently ranked 11th; a huge jump from its position of 190th back in 2004 – and a clear demonstration of Shanghai's rapid evolution up the global city hierarchy.
  • Highlighting Shanghai's future potential as a real estate investment destination, Shanghai ranks 44th in terms of investment intensity (i.e. investment volumes relative to economic size).
  • To further its global ranking, the city need to continually adapt to each new cycle of global change – and to be smart, sustainable, transparent and resilient.

"Shanghai has spectacular momentum.  If we track the progress of the city along the 'city evolution curve' over a 25 year period, we can see Shanghai's incredible growth story - from 'early growth' to 'transitional' and then leap-frogging to 'Super City' status by 2025, joining force with London, Pairs, New York and Tokyo, if not sooner," added Jeremy Kelly. "And the sheer visual power of the Pudong skyline is testimony of Shanghai's ambition and future position as a 'Super City'".

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