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​​The capital of Hubei province, Wuhan city is located in the geographic heart of China and is an important center of economic development. Wuhan straddles the Yangtze River while sitting at the confluence of several major overland transportation routes, and also plays a key role in the Chinese government’s policy to promote "the rise of Central China".

In recent years, Wuhan has emerged as one of China’s fastest growing urban centers and it is also among the world’s top ten cities with the best momentum. In the City Momentum Index (CMI), exclusively launched by JLL, Wuhan ranked eighth among the world’s most dynamic cities and differentiated itself from other cities with its rapid rate of urbanization in 2015. 

As the biggest city in central China, Wuhan is rapidly becoming a popular destination for foreign investment. In recent years, the government has improved infrastructure and introduced new incentives to encourage investment, which has amplified the city's existing advantages. The number of Fortune 500 corporations settling in Wuhan has reached over 100, making it the central Chinese city with the largest number of the world’s top enterprises.

Through years of endeavor, Wuhan has grown to have some of the largest-scale educational resources in the country. Wuhan’s status as an inland education hub makes its workforce one of China’s best educated, yet at a low cost. With abundant education and talent resources, Wuhan is seeking to move up the value chain by encouraging high-technology manufacturing and research, as well as growth in services.

Strategically important to China's transportation network, Wuhan has benefited hugely from China's transport infrastructure boom and is slated to become an even more important rail, road, air and water hub. In December 2012 Wuhan became one of the primary stops along the world's longest high speed rail line running between Beijing and Guangzhou. 

JLL’s Wuhan team has been providing a full range of professional real estate services to users, investors, and developers across all sectors in Wuhan and throughout the Central China for several years. We have in-depth market knowledge, excellent local relationships and a strong track record. We are well prepared to serve your commercial real estate needs and create real value for you.​​