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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Best known for Panda, Chengdu has developed into one of the powerhouses of West China transforming into a transportation and communication hub. More than 200 Fortune 500 companies have opened up offices in Chengdu during the past decade and the AmCham China White Paper on the State of American Business in China hailed the region as being one of the best investment destinations in the entire country. ​​​

Covering all of China’s west hub, JLL Chengdu is a leading professional service provider of real estate and investment management services. We have nearly 200 professionals and 700 onsite staff providing first class services. Our team is confident in Chengdu’s real estate market and is committed to further developing business in West China. 

Among our achievements in the region, we have provided office leasing service for many multinational companies based in Chengdu; provided not only leasing solutions and property management services to many landmark projects, but also introduced several international well-known brands into the market; and offered constructive suggestions and feasible plans for regional development. That is why JLL has won recognition from, and maintained long-term and friendly cooperative relations with government and corporates in Chengdu.​​

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Capital Ma​rkets​

The Capital Markets Department of JLL Chengdu boasts unrivaled industry experience, in-depth market knowledge and high-quality service awareness. Leveraging a global market network, JLL Chengdu provides real estate owners, developers, investors and government departments with core services that include asset acquisition and disposal, joint venture and cooperation, project financing, sale leaseback, development consulting and transaction execution, and enterprise financial services. We are able to participate in the whole transaction process, assist in and push forward negotiations, and complete bulk property asset transactions to help clients not only maximize investment return, but also reduce transaction risks.

JLL chengdu capital markets

Track Record​​​

​Property transactions
  • Pinnacle One: completed an asset transaction of about CNY 2.1 billion in 2013
  • Mid Town: completed equity transaction of CNY 233 million in 2012 
  • Galleria: completed 50 percent of equity transaction worth CNY 550 million in 2011
  • Vailog Logistics: completed an asset transaction of CNY 57.7 million in 2011
  • Ping’an Fortune Center: completed an asset transaction of CNY 718 million in 2010
  • Lan Kwai Fong: completed asset transaction in 2010
  • One Aerospace Center: completed an asset transaction of CNY 1 billion in 2009
  • Zenith Logistics: completed an asset transaction of CNY 300 million in 2009

Project/land transaction
  • Orient Home, a cooperative development project, completed 50 percent of equity transaction worth CNY 580 million in 2011
  • Lidu Plot, a land transfer project, completed an equity transaction of about CNY 750 million in 2013

Investment and financing transactions
  • Jiangyu Tianfu Town completed financing worth about CNY 1 billion in 2013

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JLL Chengdu Markets team has a deep understanding of international and local markets. Specializing in leasing agency, tenant representation, rental policy and other various professional services, our Markets team realizes added value in real estate decision making for owners, corporate clients and investors. 

Our services include:
  • Landlord representation service: Leasing agency, promotion and marketing, and rental policy
  • Project rental policy: provide professional and fair suggestions to help clients maximize benefits
  • Tenant representation service: advisor on corporate site selection 


Difficulties in current office leasing

 jll-markets-Difficulties in current office leasing

Markets Service Introduction

marketing 1.PNG

Project Leasing & Consultancy Service Content 

marketing 2.PNG

Tenant/buyer Representative Work Content

marketing 3.PNG

Through the entire set of procedures as above including project preliminary planning, implementation, negotiation, documentation process and a series of scientific and rigorous step, JLL aim to assist client obtain the most suited property.

Current Landlord Representation Projects

​IFS Chengdu
​Chengdu Yintai Center
​Leading center
​Sole leasing consultant
​Co-agent leasing consultant 
​Sole leasing consultant
​One Aerospace Center
​Pinnacle One(High area)
​Associated leasing consultant 
​Sole leasing consultant

Tenants Represented in the past three years

jll-markets-Tenants Represented in the past three years

Market Performance in Chengdu for the past three years
jll-markets-Market Performance in Chengdu for the past three years

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​Integrated Sales​

JLL Chengdu Integrated Sales team boasts a high-end international platform and a professional elite team. Integrating an experience of both global and local horizons with market research and enhanced value-add tools, the Integrated Sales team ensures the effective implementation of development and marketing strategies. Our Integrated Sales team keeps itself abreast with the relevant policies, law and regulations, market trends, marketing and promotion, and transaction flow of diversified products to help clients expand market reach, build brand, and create value.​

JLL Chengdu ​Integrated Sales​Project plan consulting and initial stage consulting — The Integrated Sales team puts forward targeted suggestions on project planning and design, also hard configuration based on the client’s target buyers and an in-depth market analysis

Project sales agency — Working on-site, our professional team of elite salesmen provides strategies for a project and integrates the target buyers’ resources to help the client achieve sales goal

Marketing consulting — Collaborating closely with the client’s own marketing team, our Integrated Sales team not only provides a customized, clear-themed, marketing promotion plan that aligns with the client’s brand, but also assists in implementing the plan

Buyer representative and international property — Taking into account the buyer’s stand, we integrate domestic and overseas capabilities to consistently provide clients with quality property resources and reliable, well-aligned benefit evaluation and purchase plans

Track Record​​​​

Focusing on five business lines — developing sales, planning, consulting, buyer representative and international property — JLL Chengdu Integrated Sales team helps to realize maximum value for every client. Some projects include:

  • The Cosmos (with a total sales volume of RMB 250 million): assisted with property marketing planning and project sales agency services to office buildings, retail and residential 
  • Wecity (with a total sales volume of RMB 514 million): assisted with marketing planning and project sales agency services
  • Palm Spring International Center (with a total sales volume of RMB 200 million): initial stage project consulting, marketing planning and sole sales agency services
  • Pinnacle One (with a total sales volume of RMB 2.1 billion): assisted with marketing planning and project sales agency services

Know more info about Chengdu ​Integrated Sales​​, please contact:

Property and Asset Management​

Property and Asset Management Department 

Jones Lang LaSalle is the first foreign-funded company to receive the “National Class A Property Management Qualification”. The Chengdu Property and Asset Management Department has also been leading and improving the standards of the property management industry in the region and has achieved new breakthroughs. Our department is the vice president of Sichuan Real Estate Industry Association, the standing member of Chengdu Real Estate Management Association and the vice president of business building property management of Jinjiang District in Chengdu, and has been awarded the Excellent Unit of Chengdu Property Management Association for many years. Buildings under our management won several honors such as the excellent property management project in Chengdu and the ten best office buildings in Chengdu. Our department is responsible for the management of three super Grade A office buildings and three Grade A office buildings in Chengdu, and has a leading position in the Chengdu market. 

We rely on our extensive business network and rich practical experience to provide our customers with early-stage interventions and late-stage operation consultants for high-end properties, discretionary property management and on-site management consultants, pre-assetment of commercial assets, and post-operational operations, and to develop together with our customers for development as well as brings business opportunities.

Our Service


Our client


Chengdu Representative Cases

Chengdu Yintai Center
Full property management
​Pin an Fortune Center
​Full property management
Sichuan Airline Plaza
Full property management 
Ping an FInancial Center
Full property management
​Tencent 1 Office
​Full property management
Chengdu TEDA Times Centre
Full property manegement
Ali Centre
Full property management
One Aerospace Centre
​Full property management
​Armani Art Apartment
Tianlang T66
​Poly Tian Yue 
​Jincheng Yipin

Know more info about Chengdu Property and Asset Management, please contact:


​R​etail​​​ ​Asset Management

Full Service Retail Asset Management

Overall asset management, Marketing Expert


Representative Cases

​Tianshan Window of the world
​Guizhou Daqianji
​Eden city
​Shijiazhuang, Pre-opening consulting management
Kaili, Pre-opening consulting management
​Taiyuan, management
​Jinao center
​Vietnam V.V mall
​Financial Strar Land
​Yangzhhou, Pre-opening consultant management
​Da nang, management
​Xining, Pre-opening consultant management
Huaguoyuan Mall
​Zhongyu Square
​Guiyang, Pre-opening consultant management engineering
​Chongqing, Pre-opening consultant management engineering
​Guangzhou, Pre-opening consultant management engineering
​Hanghua Dream City
​Orental TIme Square
​HuashIng International City
​Pre-opening consultant management
​Pre-opening consultant management
​Onsite leasing management 

Know more info about Chengdu Retail Asset Management, please contact:



Market with data support and visualized marketing analysis, in order to win operation support and market recognition. JLL Chengdu Retail is an experienced team which provides consulting services about the development of retail business and commercial real estate projects, leasing and operation, management and implementation of shopping malls in west China.

Service scopes

Consulting: Engage in the preliminary market research, project positioning, format planning, architectural design optimization, setting of engineering conditions for stores, financial estimates, marketing, etc. for retail property projects.

Landlord Representation: On behalf of owners, providing projects leasing services, participate in the positioning of demonstration projects, format and variety planning, and brand setting; control the whole process of the project before its opening, develop effective and feasible leasing strategies for owners, participate in the project negotiations with tenants and business negotiations to ensure the signing of the leasing contract and ultimately achieve the opening objectives for business. 

Tenant Representation: In addition, on behalf of the brand, engage in market site selection and expansion and help them realize a successful landing in the market and win operation support and market recognition.

Retail Service



Track Record​​​​​​​

Yanlord Landmark Plaza

Tianfu Union Plaza

City: Chengdu
Service Scope: Sole agency

Lotte Panchenggang Project​

Yintai Centre In99

City: Chengdu
Service Scope: General Agency

GTC Galleria Chengdu  Retail Consultancy of Panda Lane

City: Chengdu
Service Scope: Consultancy

Greenland GIC Project  Merlin Group

City: China
Service Scope: Tenant Representation

Yintai Centre In99Longfor Paradise Walk(Shangcheng、Binjiang、ShidaiII)

Service Scope: Consultancy

Evergrande Tianfu Peninsula

Markor Furnishings

City: Chengdu
Service Scope: Project transformation and optimization

Know more info about Chengdu Retail, please contact:​​


Strategic Consulting​

With a professional team of nearly 20 people, the Chengdu Strategic Consulting Department is one of the largest professional consulting teams in the central and western regions of China. Our professional consultant team has many years of practical experience in comprehensive property development, cultural tourism development, industrial economic research, financial analysis, and enjoys a reputation of excellence in the industry, for many government agencies, domestic and foreign real estate development enterprises, Investors and others have provided high-quality and efficient advisory services. Based on the rich experience of overseas and local real estate, the Chengdu strategy consultant team of Zhongguang United Bank is working in Chengdu market, covering Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Xinjiang and other regions.

Scope of service business: Urban complex, urban reconstruction, new city and regional development planning, industrial development planning, cultural tourism and leisure real estate development. The services include: project maximum and best use research (property improvement proposal, product suggestion, investment analysis, rental strategy suggestion, design optimization, market research, feasibility study, industry research and investment promotion, regional development research, etc.) Development strategy and implementation recommendations, corporate real estate strategy consulting and so on. 

Efficient professional team, exclusive market segmentation, personalized solutions, strategic advisory department for the success of the project to provide government, owners, tenants and investors to provide development consultants, asset management consultants, real estate investment consultants and other services. Ensure the planning of the project landing through the whole business service. Jones Lang LaSalle strategic advisory department is committed to ensuring viable market-oriented projects landing; throughout the industry chain services to maintain long-term and continuous cooperation with customers.

Provide customers with a full range of solutions

A solid business foundation gives us a good understanding of the market


Provide full business support services

From Strategy consultation to Design Review to ensure Project Planning landed


Service cases of Strategic Consulting Department

jll-scon-yanlord.png Yanlord land plaza-Study on maximum and best use of comprehensive property development

owners: Yanlord Land
position: South Renmin Road, Chengdu
scale: About 210000 square meters
Service Range: Office Building、shopping center、Research and orientation of Service apartment Market
Project Influence: Chengdu undefineds first high-end urban complex, urban landmark project


In 99-Study on maximum and best use of comprehensive property development

owners: Yintai group
position: New area of southern Chengdu
scale: About 190000 square meters
Service Range: Office Building、shopping cente、hotels and High-end residence、Research and orientation of apartment Market
Project Influence: The most High end complex Project in the South of Chengdu 


MIXC-Study on maximum and best use of comprehensive property development

owners: HuaRun land
position: East second Ring Road, Chengdu Chenghua District
scale: About 180000 square meters
Service Range: Office, retail and hotel market research and positioning
Project Influence: the most high-end commercial complex in the east, one of the most important landmarks in the city 


Consultation Service on Chengdu Action Plan for the Construction of the International Food City

owners: Chengdu Business Committee
position: Chengdu all - wide range
Service Range: Design of the top level of industry development, action plan for the construction of gourmet capital, United Nations Review report of Creative cities Network
Project Influence: Chengdu 2016 one of the top ten action plans, including international exchanges, urban marketing, traditional culture three aspects 


Urban Culture Travel -Chengdu Jincheng Green Road first Construction Section Sports Travel and Agriculture Integration Development Plan

owners: Chengdu Xingcheng group
position: Starting area of south section of Chengdu Tianfu green road
scale: 34 km
Project Influence: The world undefineds longest green road-Tianfu Green Road, the first stage of demonstration construction section, the first to explore the "sports tourism agriculture" integration development model 


Qingbai Jiang International Railway Port-Industrial Development Planning and Investment Strategy

owners: Chengdu International Railway Administration Commission
position: Qingbai Jiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
scale: 50 square kilometres
Service Range: Optimization of Railway Port Industrial system, Construction of leading Industrial system, Industry Development path and Merchants Resource combing
Project Influence: The first port of inland railway, the international gateway of Asia and Europe 


Deyang Jiuxiu Tianfu International Health Valley-Development orientation and Industry Planning

owners: city government of Deyang
position: Deyang City, Sichuan Province
scale: 400 square kilometres
Service Range: Industrial system Construction and Regional Development layout of Deyang New Town
Project Influence: The Construction of the Industrial system of Urban Top Design, driven by the Core of Deyang undefineds Development 


Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Chengdu-International cultural tourism resort town development project

owners: OCT
position: Shuangliu District, , Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
scale: 50 square kilometres
Project Influence: Cultural Tourism New urbanization Cultural Tourism Development 4.0 New benchmark  

Know more info about Chengdu Strategic Consulting​, please contact:​​


Project and Development Services​

JLL is the only international real estate consulting enterprise that provides a complete set of sustainable development services in the energy and real estate fields. Building on a leading position and a strong professional reputation in the region, our Chengdu Project and Development Service department provides multinational companies with new build, fit-out and refurbishment services. Our solid technical background allows us to effectively coordinate local owners with contractors, thereby enabling the timely completion of construction projects and enabling access to fair and competitive prices. Through innovative planning, cost control, procurement management, and effective communication and coordination, we provide added value for our clients, from project start to finish.

Professional services


JLL Chengdu Project and Development Services​​

Track Record​​​​​​

Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, Chengdu MALVERN College, Chengdu Philips LED Lighting Factory, GTC Galleria Chengdu, One Aerospace Center, CITIC Bank Credit Card Center,  ANZ bank, Shell-CNPC Chengdu office, Intel’s third floor office and leisure area, and Diageo Chengdu Experience Center

Know more info about Chengdu Project and Development Services​​​, please contact:​​


Integrated Facility Management​

JLL Chengdu Integrated Facilities Management team offers expert technical and knowledge support that enable clients to achieve long-term cost savings. Demonstrating an outstanding professional capability, this department has 150 professionals, more than eight years of facility and equipment management experience, and more than 600,000 square meters of area under management. Equipped with extensive practical knowledge, our Integrated Facilities Management team implements best market practices to help clients stay ahead of the competition.

What can IFM do for you?


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Integrated Facility Management​, please contact:​​


Valuation Advisory

As the only valuation company in China which with full and highest level valuation licenses of international and domestic , JLL Valuation Advisory (Service) Department focuses on satisfying clients’ domestic and overseas corporate listings, restructuring and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, financing, accounting references, and others, a series of assessment and consulting needs. 

Our assessment services independently and correctly reveal the fair/market value of assets. The assessment involves real estate, corporate, natural resources, plant and machinery, financial assets, intelligent assets, biotech assets, and other intangible assets. 

Our leading professional track records, in particular, extensive experience in serving large-scale listed companies, SOEs, and providing accounting purpose reports, enables us to deliver better care to our client’s specific needs.

Fixed Asset Value Consulting


Intangible Asset Value Consulting


​Meet the specific needs of different companies, and have a wealth of industry experience


Know more info about Corporate Appraisal and Advisory​​, please contact:​​



Research, JLL Chengdu, has rich experience in studying macroeconomic policies and the real estate market, providing consulting services such as real estate market analysis, property portfolio research and due diligence in the real estate market for developers, real estate fund companies, investment banks and other institutional clients.

Consulting Services


Service scopes


Customized solutions to meet clients’ needs



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