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China 12: China's Cities Go Global

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JLL’s latest research focuses on China’s leading cities upon the ‘new era’ – the China12 – which are at the forefront of the transition to the innovation economy.


Key Highlights

Dynamic workforce

China12: From Factory to Innovator


China’s Cities on the World Stage

Innovation culture

China12’s Influence: Redrawing Global City Networks

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JLL's tracking of China’s Cities

Since the launch of our China Cities series in 2007, JLL has charted a remarkable journey of unprecedented city-building and infrastructure development.


China30 2007China30 Discovery
China40 2009China40 Lift-Off
China50 2012China50Fast Growth
China60 2015China60 Smart Growth
2018China12China Cities Go Global


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Jeremy Kelly

Director, Global Research


Tom Carroll

Joe Zhou

Head of Research, China


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