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Case Studies

Henkel, Shanghai

 汉高 Logo Project Background
  • Commencement: June 2008
  • Portfolio Area: 33,159sqm   including lab area of 9,608sqm
  • End-users: 1,150
  • Facility Type: China R&D Center & Headquarters
  • Scope of Work: M&E maintenance (HVAC, UPS etc.), EHS support, reception, mailroom, meeting room management, Help Desk, janitorial, landscaping, security, car-park management, energy management, pest control, pantry service, space planning


Client Challenges

  • New members joining client team with subsequent change in working style and culture.
  • Increase in end-user headcount.
  • More projects in the pipeline and seeking additional support.

Our Solutions

  • Strengthening relationship with new and existing client stakeholders while adapting to new requirements.
  • Reviewing, monitoring and refining onsite operations including service levels and frequencies to accommodate the growth in end-user headcounts.
  • Onsite FM team continues to apply its project management experience and best practices in supporting client projects.