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Case Studies

HSBC, China

​​HSBC logo Project Background

  • Commencement: April 2007
  • Portfolio Area: 2.3 million sqft in China 
  • Facility Type: 8 critical buildings/facilities (including headquarter offices and data centers) , >180 branch outlets, presence in over 50 cities
  • Scope of Work:

Integrated Facilities Management including engineering services, critical environment management, building maintenance, receptionist services, janitorial services, catering services, events management, mailroom services, moves/space management, EHS compliance, procurement & financial management.
Transaction Management  (global contract until Dec 2016)


Client Challenges / Objectives for Outsourcing

  • Global standardized approach to operating practices, services and delivery.
  • Reduction of risk.
  • Reduction of costs.

Our Solution

  • Full risk transfer with a principal contract model adopted.
  • Global contract operation framework, with dedicated global, regional and country subject matter experts driving best practices and consistency.
  • Standardized playbook, procedures, trainings, management/risk/engineering/EHS/vendor assessment programs and reporting developed across the portfolio. 

Our Achievements

  • Year-on-year improvement on contractual KPI scores and client satisfaction. 
  • Successful contract renewals sustained a 7-year local relationship, subsequently expanding into a 5-year global contract in 2013 through 2018. 
  • Best Performing Team in China Ovation Awards for 2013. 
  • In 2014, energy savings generated was 3 million kWh annually, against target of 1.1 million kWh reduction.​