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Case Studies

FedEx, Guangzhou

​​FedEx LogoProject Background
  • Commencement: March 2011
  • Portfolio Area: 100000 sqm 
  • End-users: 1,200 
  • Facility Type: Asia Pacific Distribution Center
  • Scope of Work:  M&E maintenance (HVAC, electrical systems, sorting system, generator, x-ray scan machine, fire prevention system. elevator, ups, shutter gate, lighting system, water supply, heating system), 24/7Hotline services, Sanitary & Plumbing, Maximo system, warehouse and project management

Client Challenges

  • Provide measurable cost savings initiatives and management.
  • Implement and enhance Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management.
  • Establish and monitor utilities and energy management programs.

Our Solutions

  • Achieved continuously yearly cost savings of an average of RMB800,000 from year 2011 to year 2014 due to vendor cost reduction and bulk purchasing. 
  • Bidding, procurement , energy savings-framework, innovation
  • Provided innovative ideas to achieve energy savings by restructuring the facility framework, upgrading HAVC system and sorting system to boost the equipment efficiency. For example, the onsite team realized energy savings of 1,281,818.20 kwh through LED improvement including outdoor facility lighting enhancement project. 
  • Zero EHS incident with no “first aid” and “near miss” case in the past three years
  • Retained a high client satisfaction rate. The quarterly review claims an average of 92% of satisfaction rate since year 2014. Fedex’  Global FM review for insurance recognized JLL’s excellent performance in  facilities risk mitigation.