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Case Studies

Lafarge – Energy Efficiency Initiatives


Our Client’s Situation
Bruno Lafont, Chairman and CEO of Lafarge, signed the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) Manifesto in 2009
As a result of this top management commitment, the My Low Energy Office project was introduced to reduce office energy consumption and raise awareness. Lafarge selected 11 offices across the globe to go through the pilot phase of the project​

Our Partnership
In 2011, Lafarge appointed Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) to carry out detailed energy audit for each of the pilot sites. In Asia Pacific, our Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) team assessed sites in China and Malaysia
On top of establishing an energy consumption baseline for Lafarge’s office portfolio, we also identified no-cost and low-cost energy savings opportunities. Able to generate an overall potential energy savings of 15%, the identified measures included:
o  Reducing air conditioning, ventilation and lighting of office premises during weekends and holidays
o  Replacing high-intensity discharge (HID) floodlight lamps with LED options
o  Adjusting the time scheduling of hot water generation and distribution for heating
These initiatives involved low overall implementation costs, with average payback time of three months
Nearly 80% of the initiatives had been implemented by the beginning of 2013. We carried out a follow-up validation at the same period to check on how effective were the proposed energy-saving initiatives

Their Results
Overall, the results of the audits were very positive
Energy consumption was reduced by 12% across the pilot sites in 2012
After the successful pilot, Lafarge decided to roll out the My Low Energy Office project to ten additional office sites across the globe during 2013. Phase II resulted in the identification of 9–22% of energy consumption reductions, depending on the base building equipment and types of measures chosen