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Case Studies

Europark - Dalian

Established in 2005, Kardan Land China is one of the subsidiaries under Kardan N.V. headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Kardan N.V. is an investment corporation first launched in Europe specializing in emerging markets investments. Kardan Land China focuses on investment and development in the fast growing 2nd and 3rd tier real estate markets in China. Their product portfolio covers more than 3 million sq. m. of commercial and residential properties, with an estimated total investment exceeding 2.5 billion dollars. Leveraging on its group values and know-how from Europe, our client is focusing increasingly on developing western-style shopping centers and mixed-use projects, combining shopping centers with residential apartments and small office home office (SOHO) spaces.

Europark in Dalian, North West of China is our client's second largest project under the current five year plan (2011 – 2015) of the Chinese Central Government to stimulate internal consumptions after the launch of Galleria Chengdu in November 2010. It is a fully owned mixed-use project which includes a shopping center with an expected N.R.A. of 65, 000 sq. m., and G.F.A. dedicated to residential and SOHO of 100, 000 sq. m., with planned completion in 2015. In regards to property management, Kardan Land China handpicks property management companies with suitable capabilities to implement relevant management work by invitation to tender.

In December 2012, JLL took over Europark in Dalian and provided Kardan Land China with proposals of engineering work, greening and gardening, security and property management. We have even been helping our client work on their RFP documents. We have started actual full property management of the sales center and sample room finally in November 2013.

Client chose us to be their property manager over our competitors due to our long company history in China, as well as enormous potentials, through effective brand management and the gaining of relevant and invaluable experience in managing complex and super tall buildings. They were also considering our abundant regional resources, supported by a strong backup team. We have relevant track records demonstrating our performances.

We also provide risk management services through site inspections to find out hidden dangers.

Through our leading concept of "People-oriented, client-friendly", client has increased confidence in our services.