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Case Studies

Guangzhou IFC

Yuexiu Property Company Ltd. was listed in Hong Kong in 1992 and is one of the top five integrated property developers in the Pearl River Delta area and Southern China.

Located southwest of the Pearl River New Town, GZIFC lies on the midfield axis of the new CBD of Guangzhou. At a height of 432 meters, GZIFC comprises four basement levels, a 103-storey main tower and a 28-storey annex building and is the tallest and most prestigious building in Southern China and is the world's top tenth tallest building. GZIFC features Grade A offices, a world-leading luxury hotel, serviced apartments, an international conference centre, and a high-end shopping mall. Since 2008, Yuexiu Property had started to search for a service provider to help manage this super tall building of its kind.

At the beginning, the Client considered three different options in managing the Guangzhou IFC, i.e. 1/ Self-manage by an in-house property management company; 2/ Outsource to an international property management company; and 3/ Form a joint venture with an international property management company which has the relevant experiences.

On the 18th September, 2009, a joint venture company was formed with JLL. The rationale of the decision was to form a management team which has strong local resources plus world best management practices.

The Client is deeply appreciative of JLL's implementation of international best practices on property management that had helped a great deal during the final yet lengthy stage of construction of the GZIFC. The JV Company has taken a proactive approach in "asset protection" by providing the necessary security and management for the ready to handover portion and the E&M facilities of the building prior to the tenants' occupations.