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Case Studies

Provide Property Management Consultancy for China’s state broadcaster - CCTV


China Central Television (CCTV) is the state-owned television broadcasting station of China. Designed by Rotterdam architect Rem Koolhaas of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and built on a square plinth, the 52-story building is approximately 228 m in height and has around 475,000 sqm land area. CCTV Headquarters Tower (main building), a Beijing landmark, houses all the TV production and broadcasting facilities and equipment

Our Class I Property Management License plus global experiences and local insights attracted important clients such as CCTV to us. A management office was established to provide property management consultancy services through the assistance of a dedicated team of on-site staff since May 2012 

We worked on the initial site inspections and temporary stage of property takeover since June 2012. We helped with the relocation and the setting of international standards and procedures for takeover services by upgrading the property management services of the communal areas, i.e., reading corner, cafe, gardens and conference rooms that include conference management services and hosting of international dignitaries

We prepared tendering documentations for the recruitment of suitable vendors and provided training, as well as set standards for cleaning, security and maintenance of the headquarters. Since our appointment, CCTV's relocation to its new headquarters went smoothly and the end users have been able to use the building without hassle.

The building's image has been uplifted tremendously after we helped raise the standards of CCTV's property management services to an international level. We passed the client's assessments and obtained the 'CCTV 2012 Best Collaborative Award' for our outstanding performance while working with our client on the takeover and relocation services