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Case Studies

TEDA MSD-A\B Zone, mixed use project with office towers and shopping mall.  A key new location in Binhai New Area

Managed TEDA MSD-A\B Zone from April 2012, provided full property management services. Formulated energy management strategy and financial management mode, set up public areas and facilities management strategy for the project to maximize return on financial investment, establish service standards and KPI performance management, quality assurance, risk control and energy management to ensure the project run smoothly in the future.

In the 2 years management, our service was recognized and affirmed by the client. Our successful service provides a strong technical support and protection to the client, verified energy saving effect of the ice storage device. Successfully save the operation cost for the client.

Took over Solea City, Isetan, Taishihui and B1 office building during the past 2 years, business operation in good condition, especially in dealing with emergency incidents. It also becomes the landmark project in the Binhai New area and even Tianjin, the government leaders visit the project many times, also received praise by the leader government.